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Solar Connector MC4

Price: 40 R.S. INR

Key Features: Shell has a strong anti-aging, anti-UV capability; found in outdoor use under harsh environment requirements; according to different needs can be arbitrary and used in conjunction with a variety of cell junction box; all connections are using press-fit connection. Certified by TUV

Product Image (MG-MEGAWIN)


Price: 25 RS TO 35 RS INR
Product Image (07)


Price: 10 R.S. INR

Battery/Power, Telecom/Data/Network, Automotive, PCB, Audio & Video

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Price: 2.90 TO 150 RS AND MORE INR
Product Image (28)

Weighing Scales LOAD Cell

Price: 85 TO 4000 INR

Specifications: Nominal Output 2.0 + 0.1 mv/v (mili Volt per volt) Precision C2/C3 (0.017% & 0.02% FSO comprehensive error) Excitation Voltage 9 VDC – Maximum 12 VDC Platter size 250mm x 350mm Safe Load 120% of Rated Capacity Ultimate Load 150% of Rated Capacity Non Linearity <+0.03% of FSO (Full Scale output) Creep (30 minutes) <+0.025% of FSO Zero Balance <+1% of FSO Input Resistance 400 + 10 ohms Output Resistance 350 + 5 ohms Insulation Resistance Above 5000 Mega ohms Temp. Compensation - 10 ºC to + 40 ºC Temp. Effect on zero & span < 0.03% FSO/10 ºC Material Alluminium alloy, colourless anodized Cable 4-core shielded cable(φ5×3000 mm)


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