Industrial Electronic Components

Industrial Electronic Components are discrete elements used to build electronic circuits for various industrial applications. These consists of two or more terminals which are soldered within the circuit board for its functioning. They are used to control machines and various automation process. Industrial electronic components can be classified as active and passive components. Active components includes amplifying components that are used to control the flow of current such as transistors and diodes, whereas passive components such as capacitor, resistor, inductor etc. , does not have the capability to increase signal power. These components are used in automation of various industrial applications, instrumentation, telecommunication, signal processing, power conditioning and power semiconductor devices.
Product Image (Electrolytic Capacitor)

Electrolytic Capacitor

Price: 2 INR

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DIP Switches

Price: 10 R.S. EACH INR

Contact Rating Switching.. 25mA, 24VDC Non-Switching.....100mA, 50VDC Contact Resistance Initial...50m Max. After Reliability Test.100m Max. Insulation Resistance ....100M Min. at 500VDC Dielectric Strength ....500VDC / 1 minute Operating Force Mechanical Life Electrical Life Operating Temperature Storage Temperature1,000g max...5,000 cycles (Min.) ..2,000 cycles / 25mA, 24VDC THR.-40 ~ +105 THT.-40 ~ +85 .-40 ~ +85

Product Image (MG1015-03)

Flat Cable

Price: RS 250 INR

Flat cable Color: Grey Specification : 28AWG Conductors : 10,14,16,20,26,30,34,40,50,60,64 Reel: 30.5M/76M


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